Senior Life Insurance

As the times are changing, we shouldn’t take security and well being for granted. Nowadays, more and more people have started to take into consideration the possibility of investing in a financial safety net. Why? Because current economy leaves us startled and we want our families to be provided and taken care of should something unfortunate happen to us.

aging parentLife insurance does just that: provides in our stead and makes sure that our loved ones won’t have to change their lifestyle if we are to suddenly stop contributing. Term life insurance no medical exams and whole life annuities make it possible for us to rest assured.

The insurance industry designed policies for all audiences, ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. A common misconception surrounding life insurance is that elders can find it difficult, if not even impossible, to become insured.

As the grounds on which this assumption lies on are solid, given the criteria on which most insurance agencies base their selection of clients, one very important aspect is omitted: seniors can buy term insurance and/or term insurance with no medical exam. Policies which target elderly citizens are easy to understand and available for purchase.

If you or an elderly loved one is looking to buy a financial safety net, depending on your health condition you can either opt for standard term insurance or for no exam insurance. No exam policies such as guaranteed acceptance or simplified issue life insurance offer the same protection as standard term annuities without requiring a medical examination prior to submission.

Thus, with no exam insurance you can become protected within the weeks. Such annuities are, nevertheless, significantly more expensive because of the high risk the insurance companies expose themselves to when issuing contracts without through safety checks (medical exams). We recommend that you keep them as a last resort.

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