Senior Life Insurance: Can You Get Permanent Coverage?

A common misconception surrounding life annuities is that seniors can find it difficult, if not even impossible, to qualify for efficient protection. Even though the reasons behind this assumption are valid, given the common criteria on which insurance representatives base their selection of applicants, one very important fact is omitted: the insurance industry took notice of the increase in popularity and designed policies meant to fit the budget and meet the needs of all audiences, including seniors.

Seniors can qualify for standard term insurance or policies such aromantic-senior-couples no exam insurance or final expense insurance. Depending on one’s needs and possibilities, the best way to find out what kind of policy is the best for you is by booking an appointment with an insurance agent and have him explain to you everything there is to know about good coverage.

The question still stands, though: can seniors qualify for permanent coverage? The answer is “yes”, as long as this coverage takes the form of final expense insurance.

Final expense insurance is a variation of the classic no exam insurance policy. It is a lot cheaper than the core annuity, as it offers a smaller face amount. Nonetheless, the policy will stay in force until your death, providing your loved ones with assistance for all your final expenses.

Standard permanent insurance could be hard, if not even impossible to obtain. It is already very expensive for you and healthy individuals. The rates you would have to pay could be too expensive. Thus, be smart and invest into a term insurance policy. All you have to do is choose the right time range and you won’t lose any of your money. Ask your insurance agent for more details on this matter.

For more information about term life insurance no exam and for a good insurance quote which might bring you one step closer to your dream policy, all you have to do is visit us! The right annuity might be just one click away.