How to Find Affordable Life Insurance Without Medical Exams!

Medical exams provide enough proofs for a sick individual to be refused by insurance companies.  Insurers pick carefully clients and they require numerous medical papers and a series of blood tests, urine tests and body scans.  Test results will determine your eligibility and will directly influence the premium price.

couple-MedicareSo, if you are not perfectly healthy, expect to be turned down or to pay expensive premiums.  However, you can apply for term life insurance no exam policies. It is easier to qualify for them, but they are not that cheap, so it is important to know how to find affordable life insurance without medical exams.

No medical exams are designed to support the needs of 2 categories of people: senior citizens and sick people. If you are only a senior citizen, with no major medical problems, you will most certain get this policy.  There is a condition related to age: you must not be over 80 years old. Some companies accept clients until they reach the age of 90, but these are rare cases. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, finding no exam life insurance is not that easy.

You will have to find out if your condition allows you to get no exam life insurance. It is true that no exam life insurance provides coverage to sick individuals, but these policies are not available for those with cancer, HIV/AIDS or with a terminal disease. If you do not have any of the mentioned diseases, you can get no exam life insurance.

There are several ways you can find life insurance policies. You can talk with insurance agents, special forums (for people that have the same medical problems as yours) or visit insurance websites and specialized websites that offer quotes. We recommend the last method because is more flexible and effective.

You can first visit the websites that offer free quotes, input your data and wait for results. In this way you can compare prices and if you find 2 or 3 interesting offers, you can go and visit the official website of each company.

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