No Exam Life Insurance for Seniors!

It is considerably more difficult to find life insurance for seniors than for younger people.  Companies are aware that seniors need life insurance, but they also do not want to take any chances with people that are approaching the limits of human lifespan.  Although the chances are reduces, they are not zero.

aging parentNo medical exam term life insurance for seniors is available and with a little luck and some tips, you will get proper coverage. We also recommend you to visit website that provide free online quotes for this type of policies.

No exam policies were tailored to take in consideration the needs of our older citizens.  There are many millions of seniors in USA and the potential market is huge.  Neglecting this market would be a huge mistake for companies. So, in order to allow the seniors to get coverage, no exam policies were created.

There are several limits and conditions that must be respected. You must not be older than 90 years, cancer patient, infected with HIV and you must not have been declared terminally ill (and have less than 12 months to live), If you meet the requirements, the underwriting process will be easy and fast.

Usually, the insurer will ask you several medical questions, maximum 16 questions and based on the answers, they will decide if you qualify or not for no exam life insurance. If you also bring some medical documents, to back up your statements, odds will be in your favor and you can get better prices.

Recent times have shown us the importance of financial stability.  The prices for services will be in continuous rising and there are not good financial predictions for the moment.

Having life insurance is the only way you can make sure that the family will have sufficient funds to provide a decent burial and pay for other expenses.  Buying life insurance is a gesture of love, devotement and protection.

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