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Is Whole Life Insurance A Good Policy for Seniors?

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As we become older, typical life insurance packages become less affordable. Nevertheless, life insurance for senior citizens remains important. Before making any commitment however, it is wise to consider the benefits on offer when purchasing a policy. You should reflect upon the advantages and disadvantages to each insurance package. As a senior, it may not be in your best interest to buy term life insurance. Your investment should be made in whole life insurance which

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Whole Life Insurance – How to Cover College Expenses!

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Ensuring that children will benefit of highest education is the duty of any responsible parent.  Education costs a lot and if you want your children to attend the university studies, you must save money from time. Nowadays, it is normal to see people saving college money right when their child is born. College tuition can cost several tens of thousands of dollars. Not so many people can gather this amount of money without ruining their

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